Our landlord Willhem demands an 2,7 % increase of the rent this year, even though the standard is very low in many of the apartments here in Biskopsgården. We say enough is enough!
On Wednesday the 2nd of April at 6 PM, all residents are called to a protest meeting outside Willhem’s area office below Vårdväderstorget tram station.

Willhem is proceeding with its plans to renovate houses in Biskopsgården

Currently, the company has the intention to renovate some 60 empty flats a year
while still requiring substantial increases in rents for new tenants who move into the renovated apartments.

This seems to us that living with Willhem to be a very strange priority.
The landlord has today a large number of houses in the Biskopsgården where the regular maintenance is neglected.

Willhem should therefore instead focus their resources on renovating our houses to an acceptable standard.
We want all the problems in our homes to be addressed, without rent increases. Therefore we will start a “felanmälningskampanj” to help people report these problems to the landlord.

In December, the Tenants housing network “Biskopsgårdens” future and
“Pantrarna” held a meeting for residents in the ” Bananhusen ” ( Köld and Värmegatan and Blåsvädersgatan ) .

It turned out that there seem to be many common errors in the apartments in the area:
* 26 tenants out of 27 present at the meeting complained that they have problems windows being drafty, fogging, moldy, cracked and impossible to open and close. As many of the tenants had problems with ventilation and heating, among other things, with the result that it is very cold in apartments.

* 17 of the 27 participants in the meeting said that it occurred mold, coating or moisture damage in the bathroom. Almost as many tenants told of broken power sockets and worn down floor mats.
Since this is a fault that occurs in most apartments, Willhem should fix them immediately,
without additional rent .

We need to help each other to pay attention to these common problems and other
problems in the area by reporting errors on Willhem´s website:


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